Friday, June 7, 2019

DFRPG Monsters 2 Arrived, DFT3 art, and more

A few notes:

- I finally received my PDF of DFRPG Monsters 2. I'm beginning to read it and I like what I see so far. I haven't skimmed it, I'm finding I feel like reading it in order from Angel all the way to the end.

- I approved some preliminary art for DFT3. When I say "approved" I mean I was asked to take a look and offer comments and whatnot. I liked them - they're what I asked for and they depict a couple of items nearby in the book "in use."

- Speaking of DFT3, Kromm says it's a possible June release.

- Felltower this Sunday. Just a heads-up. It sounds like the orcs are getting a second visit.

- I've gotten a little more War in the East played. It's a vast game. Even a mini scenario like Road to Minsk takes me some hours to play. I'm running units past command or supply, failing to properly coordinate my attacks and my airpower, and making some poor attack decisions. I doubt I'm truly making effective use of the rail net, air power, and severing enemy logistics (although I obviously know the basics - surround units in a Kessel, screen the escapes, and never miss a chance to overrun an HQ or air base.) But I'm learning how to play. And it's maddeningly easy to get wrapped up in how many Soviet units you've crushed, prisoners you took, AFVs you disabled, etc. - much like the actual Axis forces did. I have to keep the goal the goal - defeat the enemy by seizing the victory squares in my scenario, with cutting off and crushing enemy forces being a way to do that.

Right now, I can't imagine how it is to play the Soviets in 1941. You get a real feel for why they'd hurl units to their deaths to buy some time or just hurt the Germans. I'll get there - probably by trying a late-war scenario later on and working backwards to trying to defend the motherland.


  1. Dude, you get new art. What did you have to do to get new art?

    1. I wrote a book! You should try it again some time and see if that helps.



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