Saturday, June 8, 2019

DF Felltower, 2019 Orc Raid Part II coming up

Tomorrow we're playing Felltower, and the players decided that waiting 12-15 months or so between attacks on the orcs wasn't really conducive to taking advantage of the effects of the prior raids.

That said, the players also realize that the orcs may be on high alert since the attack was so recent.

So it's going to be a battle between prepared delvers, ready to follow up on the damage they caused last raid, against prepared orcs, ready to deal with a raid that happen oh so recently from the same delvers.

Out of game, this means a battle between the wiles of the players and the power of their PCs, versus the numbers (but lesser power), wiles of the orcs through the GM's perception of the same, and the limited options of the orcs based on their racial preferences and tendencies. Man for man, the PCs outmatch the orcs. But the orcs have many more "men" than the PCs, and the PCs are casualty-averse despite (or perhaps because of) the sheer amount of casualties that Felltower demands. The PCs have more of a range of resources, but the orcs have more of the specific resources.

So this is going to be potentially an interesting session.

Plus I get to deploy ever more of my painted orcs! Hurrah!


  1. I wonder if they will try hirelings again like when they raised the Grand Army of Stericksburg against the orks?

  2. Replies

    1. Camp one day outside town then attack orcs

      Next time Camp two days then attack orcs

      Next time back to Sundays.

      Next time skip it one time.

      Then camp camp one day and attack again.

      Then make it look like youre attacking line up get ready.... And go somewhere completely different.

      That ought to confuse them.

    2. They can try that. They'll need to bring rations, deal with wandering monsters, and conceal themselves from orc night patrols.

  3. BTW a popular PC died in my game today to a group of Draug inspired by yours.

    Because of our schedule the other players want their PCs to try and retrieve her body in time for a delayed resurrection at next week's game.

    Only a week between delves means there might be something left.

    1. Nice.

      The PCs in my game ended up using a wishing spell to deal with that same problem after Baron Sterick the Red got through with their first delve into his "tomb."

    2. Yes, I read that too and I'd totally allow it, but they haven't found that spell yet.

  4. At least everything in Felltower knows that they only need to worry about an attack on Sundays, and not even every Sunday. Must be nice for them to be able to take their families and enslaved humans on road trips as long as they get back by Saturday night. XD

    1. Sometimes they kill each other, though. But in general, yes. They really look forward to Mother's Day and Father's Day as no one delves on those days.

    2. Do they observe religious holidays as well?

    3. We generally don't, so no, they don't either.


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