Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Rulings from DF Session 118

We had few rules questions come up in DF Session 118.

- Regeneration works very quickly on eyes in Felltower. No one asked, but I think some of the players probably expected that a solid eye hit would mean an eye would be crippled - blinded - for a long time. But crippling injuries generally heal when all of the HP lost to it come back; we don't track individual wounds but I felt that full regeneration of all damage inflicted on a creature is excessive and beyond the spirit of the rules. And it's not injury that is the issue - should a 5 damage hit to the eye on a human (20 injury) take 20 HP of healing to recover, but a 10-HP hit on a HP 5 Troll (with No Brain) take much less healing? That seems odd - what's behind the eye shouldn't determine how long it takes to heal the eye. So I decided it came back as soon as enough HP to heal a lost eye was healed. For a troll, this could be a few seconds.

I suppose I could rule that damage in excess of twice what is needed to cripple the eye destroys it, ala Dismemberment, but that would just about every hit to the eye destroys it even in a non-DF game. That seems excessive. There are lots of ways to damage and blind an eye with a blow to the eye socket that doesn't destroy the eyeball.

- We still struggle with a logical and consistent and loophole-limited ruling on light sources and Invisibility. That's a whole post on its own. Suffice it to say I didn't let someone "partially uncover" a lightstone while invisible, so it only shows in one direction.

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