Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Miscellaneous Notes from 6/10/19 DF

Just a few more notes from last game.

- We haven't actually needed our "combat coordinator" since the first couple of times we used one. Interesting. People have been much better about keeping their place in the order and keeping others (and myself) on track with who is next.

- I'm terrible at remembering turn-delayed effects. So are my players. Poisons that affect a PC the turn after due to SM+1? Often forgotten. Guys taking arrows to the face and never having to remove them? Yes, usually. I get that sometimes those arrows don't penetrate DR enough to cause injury, but if it's because of special Barbarian Shirtless Savage DR or because it got through armor but not through skin, it's still sticking out of you. I forget penalties to knockdown and stunning, too, even though those don't change.

- Skull Spirits used to be, in 3e, total killers. In 4e, especially at DF power levels, they're pretty much annoyances unless you deploy them in groups.

- My players are these guys.


  1. Huh. I'd never heard of removing arrows in a RPG before. Any idea where that comes from?

    1. Yeah, I guess that is fair. Seems MA and LT both have rules and stuff on it though I don't see in DF. Still, whoa, talk about a moon is made of grape jelly sense when I read what you wrote still hard to imagine it

    2. I've been doing something with removing arrows from wounds for a long time, so it's hard to conceive of not doing it.


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