Monday, June 3, 2019

Gerry and the Skeletons

Gerry's player and I have known for a while that the pricing on his skeletons had become a bit wonky within GCA.

I spent a fair bit of time today adding in the necessary bits to GCA from DF9 to allow for proper pricing of Gerry's skeletal Ally Group. Not enough, as it killed 25%-and-up valued Allies, but I can add that back in when I have a little time again (and when it matters.)

Sadly this means some of the points he recently earned are likely needed to keep the group as-is, rather than upgrade them.

Currently he has an Ally Group (Built on 10% [0.4], Minion (+0%), Constantly Available (x4), Group Size 5 (x5) [8].

I gave him some options, some of which are:

- spend points to upgrade the whole group - going to 10 points for Group Size 6-10 would allow for 10 skeletons, or going to Built on 20% for 0.8 per would cost 8 more points but give them each another 30-35 points to improve their characteristics.

- downsize and upgrade the group - keep the point total the same (or increase it) and reduce the number of skeletons to allow for better ones. Instead of 8 points for 5 skeletons at 10% he could have 1 skeleton at 50% of his value. Or 2 at 25%.

- any combination of the above.

It's really accounting issues from GCA not having the right GDF file at the time we made him, and my own errors trying to end-run around it, that caused the cost issue. But it's high time we redressed that and also gave him a firm set of ideas for a path to upgrade.

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  1. Hmmm... Two skeletons at 25% vs. 5 skeletons at 10%... Having two who were pretty decent personal bodyguards for Gerry would be very good. They would be pretty good, I assume, at 25% (I'm assuming Gerry's current stats, not 25% of 250, i.e., 62 point skeletons). Would three at 25% be 12 points?


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