Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Marcher Lords PCs - an inspirational random background table

I really enjoy a good random table for generating interesting PC/NPC backgrounds. Not that I use them all that often - and I can feel constrained by the choices (cough, cough, 5e products) - but a good ones does tend to spark ideas.

This is a good one, one that I stumbled across while following links clicked on a whim while looking at blogs linked off of blogs that I like:

March Lord PCs

The results on the table really do make me think of fun characters to run and/or evoke some of the interesting minis I own and I'd like to see used. This makes me want to sit down and make some NPCs.

I've only briefly perused the older posts, but as one visually calls on Zhang Zhimou's "Hero" - a truly awe-inspiring piece of film art I once forced Sean Punch to watch before we outlined GURPS Martial Arts - it's likely I'll read more of what this person writes.

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  1. Thank you so much for plugging that guy. He and his links are strange but fascinating!


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