Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Hillbilly's XP decision - IQ or DX?

Hillbilly has 15 points as of this session, and will have 20 as of next. +1 DX? +1 IQ? Both make a lot of sense. I'll decide right after I roll for leveling up since it'll be 20 sessions and we've been doing that every five. It's a really tough call - improved IQ would give Hillbilly +1 to his IQ-based skills, +1 to general comprehension rolls (useful for identifying odd tech), +1 Will, +1 Per. But +1 DX would push a number of his skills from the 14-16 range to the 15-17 range, improve three skills I rely on a lot (Knife, Wrestling, Guns), and generally make him better at what he's become - the main melee combatant. IQ has the slight edge here. I could just directly up his skills, but I'm right at the point of diminishing returns on that. Still, dumping 5-10 points in my medical skills would be immensely useful. Lots to consider, here.

I wrote that last session of Gamma Terra.

Next session is #20, and I'm not sure if I get to "level up" with a random increase or not.

If so, obviously I'll roll that first and see what I get.

But once that's done, unless I got some game-changing result, I'm going with +1 IQ.

As I've thought about this, I feel like I'll regret the "missing" point of DX less than the "missing" points of IQ, Will, Per, and one level of every IQ-based skill. I really want my Will and Per up, and I almost bought them up directly. I think we need better IQ-based skill rolls. And I have been without those breakpoint levels of my DX-based skills for a while. So I'm not sure I'll miss them.

Although +2 ST is really tempting, too . . . nah, not yet. IQ. Unless that roll comes up with something really decision-changing (like +1 IQ) I will go with getting Hillbilly a bit smarter. It's too useful at this juncture not to.

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