Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Earthscrapers and Scryscrapers

During our last session, we found about two other megastructures in the area.

The first is an earthscraper - essentially, an inverted pyramid into the ground with dwellings along the sides. Unfortunately, it's right within the outer fringes of what we consider Purist territory. What we found out about it is that it was supposed to house - and may have in fact housed - 2.8 million people at the time of the war.

It's also burning - Softie's sensors spotted fires there. Is it on fire? Is there a battle going on? Is there some kind of permanent flame licking up from the depths of the scraper from some disastrous effect of the war?

The second is a skyscraper - a massive pair of multiply linked towers. We have no detail on these at all, really, except they are massively tall (I'm assuming an arcology) and outside of Softie's flight zone. Far enough outside that we'd be hard pressed to visit it without other transport.

I'm not sure what we'll do with this information, but the explorable areas of Midden (Michigan) kept getting more interesting.

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