Sunday, August 25, 2019

Felltower: What does Arctic Gear include?

The players in my Felltower game debated either the "Icy Gate" or the "Forest Gate" for next session. Although they ultimately chose the "Forest Gate," the question of arctic gear (DF 16, p. 16) came up.

When meshed with DFRPG armor, it's a really good deal. Better DR for less weight than some non-metal armor. Assuming, that is, that it includes full coverage from head to toe.

Here is what I ruled:

Arctic Gear (DF 16, p. 16) includes coverage for the head (skull, face), torso, arms, legs, and hands. It does not include boots. It covers the face but not the eyes - for that, get snow goggles. Also gives +1 FP for heat when worn in in non-arctic conditions; otherwise as written.

Clothes don't generally include boots, so no boots. Nor do they include goggles, so no to goggles as well. The extra FP cost is to discourage people from using it as a general-purpose armor booster/ersatz lighter non-metallic armor.

It seemed like the most fair way to do it.

They went with the "Forest Gate" after all. So Al at Al's Arctic Adventuring Aemporium isn't terribly happy right now, but he'll be on standby with arctic clothing and snowshoes for next time.


  1. It's not like Al's gotta sweat the overhead, but he might try to talk them into buying the unravel protection...

  2. Interesting. I make it so arctic gear can't go on top of armor, but instead provides armor equivalent to leather. In D&D terms that's AC 7 (12). My arctic gear does include mittens, waterproof boots and snowshoes.

    For anyone who's walked any distance in the snow you know that it's tiring just moving, but not moving can be worse. So no more than 6 miles per day (I do six mile hexes.)

    1. That's a solid solution for D&D, I think. For GURPS, it's definitely something you can layer over armor, and since individual locations on the body can be targeted - and since specialized footwear exists (including snowshoes) it needs to be a little more granular.


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