Friday, August 30, 2019

Random Links for Friday 8/30

Fridays seem to be random stuff I don't want you to miss day. So be it.

Wizard Hats, explained. The AD&D supplement City of Lankhmar had mechanics to make black wizards have this kind of stuff happen to them.

A look at Gaslands and Car Wars 6e. I loved, loved, loved Car Wars back in the day. I still have all of my stuff - sans the original counter mix, which disappeared mysteriously. I replaced that in its entirety, but honestly I haven't played it much since then. Too time consuming.

Sean Punch says the Magic Items 2 Kickstarter starts next week.

Joe the Lawyer is also Joe the Really Powerful Lich Designer.


  1. I'm still extremely annoyed by the "only running for 1 week" thing. Means this time instead of just getting in at a lower tier, I'm having to skip it entirely.

    Just not enough time to needless expenditures and save money for it.

    1. Don't forget Backerkit/pre-orders. If they don't change prices in the Backerkit phase and enable pre-orders, then the effective campaign length is likely closer to a month.

    2. Sure. but, that's not generally how they run. Or at least, I'm pretty sure one of them was considerably less expensive during the campaign (maybe DFRPG?) than it was in the backerkit.

      I'm just griping and annoyed.

    3. It annoys me as well. I'm not sure what's gained by being so short.

  2. Gaslands is fun, but I wasn't blown away by it. However I have been amazed to see how much cool stuff the kitbash community is cranking out for it! I have never seen so much enthusiasm for modding Hot Wheels and it's a joy to see.

    I'm cautiously optimistic about Car Wars 6th edition. I have been a fan since the beginning and still think 5th Edition is a great game, torpedoed by bad marketing decisions. I still pull it out and run it. I'm looking forward to trying out 6th Edition.

    1. I haven't played Car Wars since Deluxe. I always liked it, but it was a bit slow to play (3 hours, about 5 seconds of fighting it always seemed) once I came back to it years later. A faster-playing version that preserved much of what I liked in the earlier versions would be nice.

      The Gaslands home-modded minis are amazing, I agree.


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