Sunday, August 4, 2019

Felltower Update for 8/4

It's been a sparse few weeks in terms of work on Felltower, but it hasn't lain completely quiet in that time.

We're going to pick back up gaming in the next weeks, possibly with Felltower.

Since time passes one-for-one in the game world with the real world, weeks have passed since the last delve of the PCs into Felltower. I've had to go through and make sure the dungeon reflects those weeks.

One area I'm thinking of working on again are the rumors. Since relatively little exploration has been happening, and relatively few new areas have been uncovered, there isn't really very much to plausibly say about the megadungeon. Because of that I'm concerned that rumors - always subject to some variation in value - are becoming too thin in terms of value. I have to make up 8-10 of them per session, pretty routinely, and since new areas aren't found they're often re-hashing information the PCs have heard before. That gives them the weight of truth, even though they're not any more or less true than things mentioned only once in the rumors.

Plus, they do take time to write - and I often spend my last minutes of game prep on the rumors even when other stuff needs tending to, simply because they're expected and I can't have too few.

I'm not sure - perhaps I'll give fewer rumors (one automatic and one for a success on Carousing, an additional one with a critical) so I'm not always racing to get more generated.

We'll see. That's what I'm thinking of at the moment. Hopefully with the orc menace rolled back a bit, the PCs will delve a bit deeper? The terror of the beholder is holding them back a bit, though, which is fair . . . but they'll eventually need to go down to where there are dragons and beholders again.

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