Friday, August 23, 2019

Upcoming Gaming

As always, Friday is a bit of a short post.

We've worked out the upcoming gaming schedule.

Our next game will be over Labor Day weekend, and it will be Felltower.

It seems like it will be a big crew - a good number of our "occasional" players should be able to make it.

My plan is to also settle on which AD&D adventure we'll run next while I have a group at the table. I'm still leaning heavily to A2, but I might get swayed to G1 . . . although I feel like the pregens are a bit overpowered based on my own previous run-through. We'll see! My schedule doesn't quite permit as much gaming as I'd like but we've got some schedule and ready.


  1. Do you run d&d modules in d&d or convert them to gurps? And if it’s d&d, approximately what edition? 1st?

    1. I've done both. In this case, straight-up 1st edition AD&D. We've done this before with White Plume Mountain and Ghost Tower of Inverness already.


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