Sunday, August 11, 2019

Gamma World pre-summary

We played GURPS Gamma Terra today.


- went up to the Free Men construction project (I'd thought it was the Autonomists, clearly not).

- we found some more big batteries and some more androids.

- we got to see what's in orbit.

- we fought metal-armored ants and Hillbilly got really messed up.

- we found a bomb. Love Handles proved fairly inept at putting it on safe mode, but we survived.

- we fought flying squid-monsters and explored a "space shuttle."

- we found the setup for an indoor farm.

- we explored a partially built tower.

- we talked to a downloaded personality in a Mark V android, killed an android ninja, and gained some nice loot.

- we figured out who the mysterious bandage dude was. The one Hillbilly shot way back when.

- we found a potential base for the future.

All in all, a very good session. Details tomorrow.

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