Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Reading from Storage: GURPS Martial Arts Adventures

I've long owned a copy of GURPS Martial Arts Adventures. I mostly got it for the Kung Fu: 2100 scenario, as I once briefly played that mini-game with my cousin but a) didn't get to complete the game and b) never saw it again.

Given a chance this past weekend, I went and pulled this out of my voluminous GURPS book collection to read.

The art really shows its age, and it's weird to go back to reading books with sidebars and not boxes . . . but it might be fun to run "Pawns of the Clonemaster" or "Dark Arena." The first is based on Dennis Sustarre's Kung Fu: 2100, the second is the classic "kidnapped and forced to fight in an underground martial arts tournament-to-the-death." You know, in that weird world where the very best martial artists (including Bolo, of course) die in dingy underground fights before rich patrons.

I'm really happy to get my hands back on my paper copy of this one.

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