Friday, August 9, 2019

Things to do for Gamma Terra on Sunday

This coming Sunday we'll play GURPS Gamma Terra again. We cleaned out the LEONIDAS last time, and our next stop is a small island where the Autonomists set up some kind of construction project.

Since we'll have time to stop home to our secret underground lair, we may have time to get some stuff done. Here is what I have on my list:

- make more DIY grenades. The ones we had were tactically useful even if they weren't especially lethal to the enemy we faced.

- figure out the power armor, if possible. It would be useful to get someone in it - the plan right now is Short Bus since he's our point man.

- repair our NBC suits and armor!

- see if we can get any more information on Barbie's dreams. Or on the man in Barbie's dreams. I am pondering how we can get Barbie to dream and get something from it. I wonder if we can do some MRI-style scan on him while he's sleeping and see if it's memories, he's actually awake and not dreaming, something.

- Marie Kondo some of our gear. Or at least Hillbilly will do that with his gear.

Hopefully this list will jar some memories for my fellow post-apocalyptic survivors of things they need to do.


  1. Replies
    1. My guess is that it's time to throw out everything that isn't bringing Hillbilly joy. So... everything but Hoopslayer.

    2. Not quite so little gear, but yes, something like that.

      We have so much gear, much never used, some junky, some useful. We need to organize it so we can actually start using some of what we found and junk the stuff we'll never need. Or put it on a "for sale or trade" list for when we visit the local city.

    3. As the guy who usually keeps track of loot and group gear, I can relate.


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