Monday, August 26, 2019

Felltower Forest Gate

Next session of Felltower, the plan is to penetrate the so-called "Forest Gate."

Here are all of the known details on the "Forest Gate."

It was discovered in Session 106, Felltower 78. None of the PCs who discovered it are still alive - most died at the eyes of a beholder in Session 112. So all the PCs have to go on is the written record in the summary, basically, as second-hand hearsay.

More details are listed among the "Known Gates."

And that's about it. It's open, it's got vegepygmy and thorn hound tracks around it, it's difficult to access directly. It has not been scryed. It's not clear where it goes or what's beyond it. But it's the destination for next time.


  1. Is Felltower a published resource?

    1. Definitely not. Though a few things have been published in GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Treasures 3, and other places.

      See here:

    2. Oh. Too bad. It feels like a combination of Narnia and Indiana Jones.

    3. That's a unique way to describe my campaign.

      But yes, the only published material on Felltower is what you find on the blog, DFT3 (linked above), and monsters DFM3 that had origins in my campaign.

      It's an active campaign, so it's tough to publish material yet keep everything hidden until it's discovered by the players in actual play. Plus, publishing a megadungeon is tricky. The place the PCs explore now is very different from the one they arrived at back in 2012, and anything published would have to split between "as is" and "as was." Tough.


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