Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Battletech: Stalled

I'm a bit stalled out on Battletech. Not the core missions - I won the campaign - but the flashpoints series.

I'm currently on a mission using a special-purpose electronic warfare mech. I've tried it twice. Once I lost and stayed until the bitter end. The second time I got kind of bored and gave up on it.

I had to stop at this mission a while back when I got busy. Now that I'm busy and I just want to drop in and blow stuff up - but have it matter in a cumulative sense - I'm finding this mission a little too different than I liked from Battletech.

For you readers who finished this mission, does it pick up after this? Or is this the first in a line of missions using this special EW mech? If so, maybe I'll just start up a new, different campaign.


  1. If this is the Raven acquisition flashpoint you're on, you can go back to regular missions after this. EW 'mechs will start to be on the opposition after this though. And there's another EW 'mech you can possible gain through salvage later on: a 70-ton Cataphract.

    I had stopped playing for a while due for lack of free time so I don't remember all the details. And I hadn't finished all the flashpoints, so I don't know what they lead up to yet.

    1. Thanks. Maybe I'll find a way through this mission and then go do fun stuff again. The EW mechs just aren't Battletech to me, so they're not really much fun. I'll deal with blowing them up better than I deal with having to demonstrate ability with one in order to win a mission.


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