Sunday, October 17, 2021

Cold Fens pre-summary

We finished our Cold Fens game today. Session write-up tomorrow, but for now:

- the PCs destroyed Sakatha!

- they took another casualty

- they burned, wet, de-crowned, and stabbed Sakatha

- they grabbed a lot of loot

- and they ran for their lives as the tomb collapsed!

Good times. Full writeup tomorrow, but if your money was on Sakatha, well, sorry. Maybe you won the over-under on PC casualties.


  1. /large "SAKATHA #1" foam finger, huge "COME ON SAKATHA, YOU CAN DO IT!" banner...

    ARGH! Dang it, why'd I back that loser! Why couldn't Sakatha be like the eye-tyrant? Now there's a winner! Here I went all in on a TPK... sigh. Well, there's always the dragon. Maybe I talk them into going after the trolls again...


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