Wednesday, October 13, 2021

The Boot Hill story

A comment on yesterday's post reminded me of this story.

Back in 4th grade, we were playing Boot Hill at lunchtime in elementary school.

One of my friends (T.R.) was GMing.

Some of us, including my cousin R~, were making PCs. I think R~ and I wanted our PCs to be brothers, but that's not a certainty.

What I do remember is that we got into an argument with the GM about equipment. We'd been kitting out and he said we needed to buy a suit of ordinary clothes with our starting money.

We disagreed.

He was quite insistent.

So my cousin spent $150 on a horse and I spent $150 on guns and ammo . . . FDR6s and 15Rs, I think . . . and we said we'd ride into town naked and shooot down and take the clothes off the first person to say anything about us being naked except for guns and crossbelts of ammo.

Just goes to show that I'm as annoying as a player as I am as a GM.

Looking back on it, I think I still R~ and I were right. There aren't even clothes on the chargen equipment list for Boot Hill. It's all guns and horses, pretty much.

It would have been an eventful first session, had it ever happened. Of course, after that argument, the game wasn't going to happen. 4th grade isn't a great place for establishing long-lasting campaigns based on compromise and careful rules reading.


  1. If it's not in the equipment charts it's free right?

    1. Heh. I think our actual logic was, why would you start out naked and with $150? Why wouldn't people just start with clothes? It doesn't say you do, but it doesn't say you do not, and the equipment list doesn't have it, the rule book doesn't mention it . . .

    2. I follow your logic, I've argued both sides of that myself on a few occasions... ye olde "But everyday street clothes aren't even in the equipment charts, we should have a few sets for free, like who doesn't have clothes?" and "No, just because extremely expensive clothes fit for royalty aren't on the equipment charts, that doesn't mean they're free!".

    3. I get the logic of the second, but I think it's changing the subject from "What does my guy start out with?" to "You can get better versions of stuff you want to start with therefore you can't start with anything."


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