Friday, October 15, 2021

Friday Random Links 10/15/2021

Random links for Friday.

- Everything my players ever told me about playing Dark Sun made it sound extremely overpowered, a bit of a mish-mash (dystopian post-apocalypse, but with all of the usual D&D stuff there so you could run an elf cleric). But I'd accept random crud like that in a video game.

Reading this is making me interested in playing it if and when it goes on deep discount on GOG.

I'd never play it tabletop but as a video game? Sure, why not. I wouldn't want to run a game for ST 24 half-giant fighter/psionicist/druids but I'll play one on my screen.

- Speaking of Boot Hill, here is a Boot Hill character generator complete with combat resolution system!

Boot Hill Character Generator 1st edition

I don't recognize the guns . . . I'll have to see what edition I actually own. Probably a later one.

- LJN AD&D Action Figures

I had some of them, including Melf before he became Peralay, probably because "Melf" is not a great name for an Elf. Any more than Worf is for a Dwarf or Morc is for an Orc, Mindy's alien friend notwithstanding. I know Melf was an actual character name in Gary Gygax's AD&D game. Still not a great name.

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  1. "I know Melf was an actual character name in Gary Gygax's AD&D game. Still not a great name."

    I never realized Melf was an Elf... but then knowing the naming conventions those guys used I should have guessed.

    My first Elf was very "classically' named, based right out of the Silmarillion's language primer on Sindarin, Kith'Kalin Khaladuar. My second was named after my first girlfriend, Cassandra, and my third was named after the Goblin King in Labrynth, Jareth. I'm a big proponent of just reusing old names so I've reused Kith and Jareth over and over and over again.


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