Monday, October 25, 2021

Holy Water - a list of what it doesn't do

In GURPS Dungeon Fantasy, Holy Water is all of $15 a vial, $7.50 for clerics. It's expensive for water, even by 2021 standards, but it is cheap as dirt compared to potions and other concoctions. Even a 1d6 healing potion costs $120, and mild poisons - easily resisted and doing minor damage - range from $20 per dose.

Yet, despite that, my players are convinced - half-seriously, half-kidding - that it should do more. Much, much more.

Powers my players have ascribed to, or suggested for, or claimed are logical for, holy water:

- it acts as Paut for clerics and holy warriors

- it acts as a healing potion for clerics and holy warriors

- it's poisonous to evil creatures

- it damages evil creatures on contact, instantly

- it removes curses

- it exorcises evil from anything it is poured on

- it repels evil creatures

- it turns unholy water into holy water

- it neutralizes poison

- it refreshes good creatures, restoring FP and acting as Essential Water

- it turns your mother into a basketball . . . not wait, that's SPACOM.

For my players - anything I have missed?

See also: GURPS 101: Item/Spell Effects or Creature Weakness


  1. Nothing that I can think of…I think a lot of it harkens back to holy water causing damage to undead in Basic D&D (1d8).

  2. Opposites tend to destroy each other or at least react badly. Matter + antimatter being the classic example. I read your players think holy water turns unholy water into holy water. Let them believe that. In line with my earlier example mixing the two liquids should create a fulminating potion and woe to the naive player who thinks it makes more good stuff.

  3. Put it on a weapon to negate diffuse, insubstantial etc

  4. doesn't it only affect things with vulnerability or weakness or dread of holy?

    1. Oh sure, that's what the "rules" and the "GM" will tell you, yeah. :)


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