Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Adventure seeds updated - is there call for more?

As promised, I've been updating the Adventure Seeds post I made the other day.

All of the DFRPG Monsters Adventure Seeds

Right now, we're up to 11 creatures with adventure seeds. Two of them each have one additional adventure seed link from me and from Matt.

I'm curious how much people like these seeds. Is there call for more of them? Is this something Matt and I should look into? Or are inspiring little vignettes just not that exciting after a while?


  1. Id prefer slightly longer and more developed articles.

    Stats, a spell modification, a PC etc

  2. I think these are great and helpful for GMs to come up with ideas. And their brevity is a plus.

  3. Although I don't play DFRPG, I do love Dungeon Fantasy as a genre and I convert and adapt from all kinds of sources. I think these are among the best resources because they are exotic and interesting and more than a one-liner idea without being a system/setting specific adventure. It's everything to give me inspiration for cool new ideas without the bulk of stats and mechanics that I'd toss out anyway.

    PS-The All of the DFRPG Monsters Adventure Seeds post does not seem to be complete. At the least the Draug Race is in a separate post and there may be others I haven't gotten to yet. I plan to print these to PDF to save and if you are doing the work of putting them on one page that makes the process easier than if I have to hunt down and combine them into one Word document before making them into a PDF.


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