Sunday, March 24, 2019

Gamma pre-summary

We played Gamma Terra today, with a crew of (eventually) three people.

Some highlights:

- a lot more mimics were found, fought, and turned into piles of metal or metal twists.

- much loot was found, including a lot of purple injector pens, 10mm handguns, 40mm launchers, half-exoskeletons, medipacks galore, and more ID cards, advanced medical analysis tools (hula hoops) - and even some food and liquor!

- even more mimics were fought.

- we found out what the purple pens did.

- we hauled off a bubble car.

. . . and we buried the fallen Purists we found.

After the main session, we handled the postscripts of looting the bank vault . . . and taking control of the Princess. We couldn't use the Princess for what we wanted (a mobile shelter) but it was useful nonetheless.

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