Monday, March 11, 2019

Updates to the DFRPG

If you purchased the DFRPG in PDF, you'll have received an update note today.

It fixes two issues which I've have come up in game (as well as some others.)

One of them is the accidental flipping of the jump distance. In one place the books correctly state it's Move/2 or Jumping/4; in another, it says Move/4 or Jumping/2. It's the former, obviously, or anyone with a single point in Jumping suddenly jumps 6+ yards (it's DF, everyone is DX 12 or higher). But it's nice to see that fixed up.

The second is the regeneration rates of monsters such as trolls. Since regeneration rates are multiplied just like healing rates are for high HP, the rates listed for trolls, ice wyrms, etc. are off. They list the base rate, not the final rate. Those, too, are fixed.

Some other typos got cleared up, but I haven't spotted them yet. Presumably they didn't engender much confusion - they do not seem to have at my table.


  1. Huh, I did not see that. Maybe it went to another email.

    1. "Huh, I did not see that."

      Ditto. But I've only got one email for Warehouse23 to interface with...

    2. And I've just realized I never bought the pdfs... so... yeah, I wouldn't be getting an update notice anyway. Le sigh.


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