Friday, March 8, 2019


I asked a while back, and I received:

Diablo on GOG

I'll wait for it to drop a bit in price - I'm too busy to get immersed in it right now - but I will get that and play it again.


  1. I loved the original so much. I played it almost as much as I played Final Fantasy III.

  2. Does it still work on battle net?

    I loved Diablo 1

    I still to this day think rogues and bows go together, the Swash based Thief/Swash is well and good but I want a Thief Archer hybrid

  3. Oh, dear. Diablo for cheap? It might be best if I had never heard of this.

  4. Good game, that. If the asking price is too much, though, you've been able to get it for free off of the Blizzard site for years now.

    1. Got a link for that? When I was looking for it last year, I couldn't find it for sale or free except as an .iso image off of, and I didn't feel like messing around with that.


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