Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The origins of Pathfinder Goblins

On an post really unrelated to goblins, Trollsmyth posted something about Pathfinder goblins.

I really like the art of Wayne Reynolds. It reminds me - favorably - of Jeff Dee's superhero-like D&D delvers. They were also posed in some mid-action scene fighting horrid monsters - and Wayne Reynold's stuff is the same.

His goblins, though, feel like the signature monster of Pathfinder even more than, say, his famous black dragon.

I have a bunch of the minis that I use for Doomchildren. I'd cheerfully use them as goblins, Pathfinder style, as well.


Because of this description of them.

"Everyone loves kobolds." I don't. I do like grinning cute death machines. Especially ones that remind me of the Goblins Sappers from Warcraft 2. "Kabooom!" WR's goblins are close cousins to those guys. I don't even like singing in games (or fantasy novels) but I like that song.


  1. I use one of those pics as a Doombrat avatar in my pbp.

  2. You aren't alone. I don't love kobolds either. Pathfinder and 3E D&D stuff seemed obsessed with the little buggers and changed them significantly from previous editions and I just didn't like any of that. But I'm with you on the song and grinning cute death machines (Diablo II has exploding undead pygmies with fat-bladed knives as big as they are).


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