Wednesday, March 27, 2019

GURPS Gamma World, Session 19 - Postscript 2 - The Princess & the View from Orbit

At the end of last session, we took care of some loose ends. Here is the second of the two - the Princess.

The Princess, the cruise ship we'd investigated a few sessions back in Muskegeon - was repaired by members of the Army of the Bear in return for our alliance. They also chased out the teleporting cats.

We wanted an alliance, but it turned out we may have sold it cheap. Our plan was to commandeer the Princess and take it south to our base of operations, and use it as a home base for freed members of the 20th Homeland.

It turns out that it has a pretty firm permanent flight plan, which goes around to places we dare not go - like the glassy disk that was Chicago - and places within the Purists lands. We can't seem to easily force it move off of those lines. Sigh. We'll find a way eventually - we really do need some place to put the members of the 20th Homeland when we can free them and feed them.

But one thing it can do is go into a low orbit . . . and it has numerous viewscopes on the sides for observation, and we have some high-end telescopes (including a TL10 spyglass that Hillbilly carries.)

From orbit, the view was really impressive.

We could see much of the same that we could see from a lower orbit by Warbot aka Softie. In addition, we could see the glassy disk that was Chicago. Interestingly, the weather we experience - the colored snows, the constant cloud cover - is a teardrop shape of weather emanating from that glassy disk. Outside of it, the weather is much more normal. Why we don't move out like the original 20th Homeland guys from Van Buren bunker did I don't know.

(We forgot to ask about the outlines of North America. I bet they're gnawed down a bit.)

Looking up, the view was stellar.

First, Earth has a ring. A big, Saturn-like ring.

And a moon, of course. The moon is broken into several large pieces and a myriad of smaller ones, around a spherical core. Is the core of the moon solid, or is it that there is a central base station that survived when the moon did not?

Additionally, the surface is studded with structures - it was clearly extensively built up and populated.

In addition, there is a smaller, smooth and spherical "moon" near the other. It's clearly man-made. We couldn't make out any detail on it.


So, I'm not the only person to make the moon a playable area.

Also, it's nice that the weather isn't nasty everywhere. That doesn't help us, though, as it just makes the grass seem greener outside the current campaign area.

We'll have to find a way to get to the moon, and find a way to get the Princes reprogrammed to free flight so we can bring it south. That'll be a big pain, but there we go, more long-term things to do while we adventure.

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