Thursday, March 28, 2019

Writing, Posting Break

Sorry, no time for my usual daily post, as I have a deadline coming up for a writing project that happens to come at the end-of-month issues for work.

So that does contain a big hint - yeah, my latest GURPS project is getting finished up. Yes, it's DF related. Yes, I pulled stuff from my game for it (like every book after DF12). I've got to go work on that now, so I can't dilly-dally with more posts about the ringed Earth and the vaults of the Autonomists or Felltower. We're not gaming this weekend, so expect a summary in a week and a half when we play DF again.

I should be back posting early to mid next week, unless I have something I can quickly pop up here.


  1. "So that does contain a big hint..."

    So by reverse psychology we know it's a book about small things... DF Denizens Halflings confirmed!

    1. Waiting for DF Denizens Reptilians and DF Denizens Shamans. :D

  2. Waiting for DF Denizens Reptilians and DF Denizens Shamans!!!


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