Thursday, March 7, 2019

More adventure seeds for DF, and Doug's Kickstarter

Two bits today.

First, they put up some adventure seeds by none other than Matt Riggsby:

Demon from Between the Stars Adventure Seeds

Had Matt not chosen them before me, I'd totally have included the Twinned Temple as a Demon From Between the Stars adventure seed. But you have to step aside when Matt Riggsby has an idea; it's bound to be better.

Second, Doug had a post about his Kickstarter and the DFRPG one. I'm linking to it because, if you want to support the Kickstarters and the DFRPG, it's important that you take a look. I'm a lot of things, but a social media-posting, forum-reading, gamer-recruiting type I am not. If you are, step up and help out if this is your bag.

Thursday is Back the DFRPG Kickstarters Day

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