Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Draug Race

This is entirely Matt Riggsby's fault.

Draug Adventure Seeds, Supplemental

Draug Race. Some say the draug live only for vengeance. But some live only for competition. No living man has ever completed the legendary Muspelheim 500, a treacherous 500 yard race down a rocky mountain with lakes of lava on either side, bottomless ravines, and forests of twisted, dead trees. A team of delvers brave enough to chance the race - even win it - would gain immense fame. To win, they must beat a variety of racing teams of monstrous and undead types, including the mysterious draug, Lord X. The draugr racing team consists of a chariot pulled by four skeletal horses (treat as draft horses, p. B459, but with -2 ST, +1 DX, +1 Basic Speed, and Enchanced Move 1.5 (Ground Speed 18)) crewed by the draug racer lord and his bow-armed draug henchman, who won't hesitate to fire arrows from his Cornucopia quiver at other racers. Plot twist: Little do the delvers know it, but the draug racer is actually the long-lost older brother of one of the delvers, whose mysterious disappearance prompted said delver to adventure!

Now go back the Monsters 2 Kickstarter, eh?


  1. I can't help but feel that somehow I might be partly responsible for this.

    1. It's a subtle implication, for sure, but I can't help but read that into it, too.


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