Monday, July 6, 2020

DF21 up next in the SJG PDF Challenge

I guessed right - I said $44K or $45K. It's $45K to unlock my latest book:

It's at $38K and change as I write this, and 1,687 backers.

So another $7K - it'll take as few as ~70 people at $99, or as many as ~2300 at $3.

I'd actually enjoy it more if it was 2300 additional backers getting my PDF, but that seems a bit unlikely. Something in between would do.

It is a relief to finally see my PDF on the list of potential unlocks. So please spread the word. There are almost certainly some people you know that would love to back this for $3 or more who just haven't heard about it.



  1. Congrats! Looking forward to getting my copy of this PDF and all the others.

  2. If we keep up the pace of the past three days (that is, excluding the big rush of the first few days), we should break $45k, which is good because I require a finished, edited, laid-out copy of this book.

  3. Was in this from jump at 30, not quite sure I can boost my pledge much higher...

    1. Don't spend anything you can't just to get to $45K sooner than we probably might.

  4. Oh sweet! Thank goodness it finally showed up! Time to pledge it would seem :)

  5. Replies
    1. It's looking good. Tenkar blogging about it helps a lot.


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