Saturday, July 25, 2020

Remember TSR's AD&D Rub-Down Stickers?

I remember these, do you?

Those are the only ones I've seen with my own eyes. The proper term is probably "transfers" and not "stickers." That's the front cover of my uncle's D&D binder, which contains an old photocopy of Moldvay Basic Set, a punched and split copy of Moldvay Expert Set, and a lot of Arms Law / Claw Law tables, all photocopied. I have no idea if he own the originals or not; if so, I never saw them. This is the same uncle I got my Holmes Basic Set from.

The snoopy sticker? I don't know, it's too neat for me. I'm terrible at lining stickers up. I'd guess his daughter, my cousin, did that.

I will post up some of the Arms Law / Claw Law criticals when I get a chance, and compare them to the Rolemaster boxed set.


  1. Wow. I had these but had completely forgotten them until now. I also stuck them on a folder, but it was a paper folder, now long gone. Seeing this image brought back some bizarre almost-memories. You know that feeling when you see an image of a childhood toy that's been out of production since that time? This was about the same time as the rubber D&D bendy toys. I had the carrion crawler, the troll & goblin, the bullywugs, the mercenaries... Seeing these stickers made me think of those early products. I found this:

    Yes, TSR did market to kids our age, creating lifelong addicts. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I had some of those toys, as well - most of the characters, the troll king, and the shambling mound.* One of my friends owns the carrion crawler, umber hulk, grell, and hydra. Fun stuff, yeah, and for all that people make fun of D&D word-burning kits, for a lot of us these extras were right in our age group's toys.

      * which I don't have, but still technically own - it lives at my player's house.

  2. PS This article has pictures of the stickers in package (in part 2).

  3. I had those stickers/transfers way back when. I think the only one that survives is the dwarf which I put on a character folder. Thanks for posting these!


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