Monday, July 27, 2020

eBay Auctions Coming - Ogre minis, mostly

I've finished taking the pictures, and writing up descriptions. I'm waiting on some boxes to come in so I can calculate the shipping.

The hardest part of eBay auctions for me is the shipping - everyone wants shipping calculated before they bid (fair enough), so I need to pack and weigh everything - or find a flat-rate box and fit them all in - before I can even list them. It's actually the point that stops me listing most of the time.

All of that said, here is what I expect to list this coming week. If any of this grabs your eye, contact me (p_dellorto at yahoo) and we'll see if we can figure something out before I even have to list them.

Here we go.

Everything is boxed, like new, but not shrinkwrapped, unless it says otherwise.

Combine 1 - Ogre Mark V

Combine 12 - Ogre Mk. III-B

#3: Combine Lot
Combine 4 - GEV Company
Combine 5 - Missile Tank Squadron & Mobile Battery
Combine 7 - Howitzer Battery & Reinforced Infantry Battalion
Combine 10 - Fast Convoy

#4: Laser Towers
Combine 9 - Laser Towers and Turrets

#5 Ogrethulhu
Ogrethulhu 1
Ogrethulhu 2

#6 Paneuropean Lot
Paneuropean Set 2 – Panzer Company
Paneuropean Set 3 – Superheavy Troop and Missile Tank Lance
Paneuropean Set 4 – Luftpanzer Company
Paneuropean Set 5 – Mechanized Infantry Companies
Paneuropean Set 6 – Howitzer Battery and Mobile Artillery Troop

#7 Ogre Mark II (bagged)

#8 Ogre Mark V (with spare primary battery, 2 spare secondary battery sprues, extra tower) - bagged

#9 Ogre Miniatures Lot
Deluxe Ogre (complete)
Extra map from Deluxe Ogre
Deluxe GEV maps
Deluxe GEV rulebook
Paneuropean Superheavy x2 1 primed, 1 unassembled
Paneuropean Light Tank x4
Paneuropean GEV-PC x1
Paneuropean Heavy Tanks x10 4 Primed, 6 unassembled
Paneuropean Missile Tanks x4
Paneuropean GEV x6 Basecoated
Paneuropean Light GEV x6 Basecoated
Paneuropean Light Tanks x4 Primed (one piece missing)
Paneuropean MHWZ
Paneuropean HWZ
Combine HWZ x 2 primed
Combine MHWZ x2 Primed
Combine Superheavy x 2
Combine GEV-PC x1
Combine Heavy Tanks x10 Partly Painted
Combine GEV x6 Basecoated (plus all fins loose)
Combine LGEV x6 3 basecoated
Combine Missile Tanks x4 4 Primed
CP (tall) x 1 Primed
Artillery Drones in storage x2 primed
Artillery Drones deployed x2 primed

In non-gaming stuff, I'm going to list 3 Sam & Max cartoon VHS tapes, and a VHS of The Talons of Weng-Chiang, too. And a collection of 15 MST3K tapes (all official stuff, no copies off TV - 13 experiments, the movie, and The MST3K Scrapbook)

Let me know this week - as soon as I can nail down shipping costs, I'm listing these all.


  1. I wish I had a couple of hundred spare right now, I'd snatch the minis right up. Not that I ever play anymore, but I like to dream about being able play again...

    1. I wish you did, too. I'm sure they'll end up in a good place, but it would be great to just be able to sell these off to someone I know and skip a lot of the logistics of an auction.


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