Sunday, October 25, 2020

Felltower pre-summary for 10/25

We played Felltower today.

It featured:

- negotiating with Crogle the Giant, who asked for more than they had on them

- a cunning plan to defeat Crogle the Giant

- an oops, that plan didn't go off as planned fight with Crogle the Giant and his dire wolves

- Ulf nearly dying, and Varmus actually dying

- a big wolf slaughter

- finding out that Crogle hadn't gained any more loot in the time between now and when they'd burgled him

- a series of encounters with a cloaker had thought they'd slain (or a new, second cloaker - who knows?)

- finding the gargoyles gone

- and abandoning a move to kill the "behir" a dozen yards short of the trip.

Fun session, but not a truly productive one . . . and expensive as all hell for the loot taken. Summary tomorrow.

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