Thursday, October 22, 2020

Tomorrow Men - Buy Our Playsets and Toys!

So our GURPS Gamma Terra GM put up this post about our characters:

Gammatober Day 22: Tomorrow Men

Here we are, in a very accurate depiction:

The sad part, or perhaps the awesome part, is that we look remarkably like an alternative LEGO version of The Cheat Commandos:

I'm pretty sure Hillbilly is Fightgar, and Barbie is Gunhaver. I think Oinker is Reinforcements. Princess is Silent Rip. Fatbox is Ripberger, Short Bus is Firebert. I'm really unsure on the rest. I'll need to re-watch them.

I personally can't wait for Sean Punch to break down and do Action Heroes 1: The Cheat Commandoes. Those guys need stats, dammit!


  1. So are you guys switching to LEGO minifigs or keeping the paper mens?

    I often flirt with the idea of a switch to LEGo, but then my Players would clamor for sets built out of LEGOs and I do not have the time for that level of nonsense.

    As much as I'd love it.

    1. It's entirely up to the GM! He's the LEGO master of the group.

  2. Back in the day I ran a high-power magic-martial-arts-mythology-supers game in GURPS and we used LEGO minifigs on 1-inch hex paper maps. Even then there were enough sets to custom-make all our PCs and NPCs. Today there are many more sets, companies making third-party minifigs accessories, and eBay makes picking and choosing easy and inexpensive.

    If the Tomorrow Men game ever needed minis, I’d use LEGO for sure. Not all of our combats really need minis, but some would benefit I think. We should try it.

    I’d need to get Love Handles an M14EBR; he’s not using Fatbox’s M16 any more.

  3. I haven't really thought much about it before, but now Barbie is *totally* doing the Doc Holliday "I'm your huckleberry" 'tache/beard combo.

    1. Growing that is how he ended up with Attractive, right?


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