Thursday, October 8, 2020

How are my GURPS books doing? Last month, well indeed.

I received my royalties report today from SJG. I won't say what it was, but I will say it was unusually high.

This tells me the add-on PDFs people purchased from the SJG 2020 PDF Kickstarter hit my accounting statement.

Long story short: Wow, thank you. It's a nice bit of change.

Long story a bit longer: Some of my books are in the hands of a lot more people.

A good example is DFT3: Artifacts of Felltower. 71 copies of that went out this month, which is an usually high amount for a book after its first months.

DF15 added a few copies, too.

As did Martial Arts and DFM3, as well.

The book that did the least - out of ones I receive royalties for - was GURPS Martial Arts: Gladiators. Only 7 of those sold. Aww. We put in a lot of work on that one, and I think it's a good book. It doesn't get a lot of love or attention, honestly, especially given the work put in for it. Still, at least 7 more people are taking a look at it.

Overall, a good day. It's nice that my hobby income gets a nice spike here and there. And it's even nicer that the way that happens is that gamers have more of my work in their hands to help them run the games the way the want to. I work in the service sector in my main job, but in a way, the same thread runs through my writing. I enjoy it greatly, but it's people on the other end using what I was able to impart to them that makes it a source of satisfaction.

So, therefore, thank you to everyone who purchased and purchases my books; I sincerely hope they improve your games.


  1. I had a similar bump on mine, like six or seven times my usual royalties. Nice!

  2. Me as well. TG actually sold low double-digit copies. Unfortunately, my licensed books were not on the sale.

  3. Congratulations. It is nice to know that SJG is thriving and that your work is doing well, too!


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