Saturday, October 3, 2020

Sometimes, you just have to go through the puzzle room.

I was talking to one of my gamers today while socially distantly trading things we had for each other. We talked a bit about the second session of A2 Secret of the Slavers Stockade.

At some point he said, essentially, "Sometimes you just have to go through the puzzle."

There isn't another way around.

We had this come up in White Plume Mountain, when the PCs encountered lethal or puzzling encounters on the only way to (and from!) an area containing one of the weapons. They'd reason that this can't possibly be the only way through, because then the monsters/guards/owners/etc. would have to go through this puzzle.

Logical? Yes.

Accurate? No.

The dungeon designer may not have provided for this. Even if the dungeon designer did, that doesn't mean the way in is the way you're headed. Or that you have the resources to go around. Or that you'll be able to find the secret door they use to bypass it. Or that you have the ability to unlock said door if you find it.

You might just have to go through it.

In tournament-style (A1-4 or C2, for example) or funhouse-style adventures (S2 or EX1 and EX2, for example), you might just have to jump through the hoop. You can't assume that there must be another way . . . the obvious channel for intruders is trapped and therefore the smart move is to go another way.

Logical? Yes.

Accurate? No.

It might help to tackle those situations with a little of the video game mentality in you - Skyrim is notorious for the exit from the boss fight right out to the entrance area . . . but you can't reach it/access it/open it from the entrance area. All you can do is jump down and then leave. You can't avoid all the minions on the way.

DF Felltower mostly rewards finding the other way around. It doesn't always exist, but often does. Still, there are puzzles you must go through, or simply turn back and forgo the rewards on the other end.

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