Sunday, August 14, 2022

Felltower Bosses - What's in, and What Issues

The most votes on what I should publish for Felltower are boss monsters.

There needs to be a list of what's in, and there are some issues. Let's tackle them in turn.

What monsters go in?

I'm sure these are the bosses people would expect to see:

Durak, the Lord of Spite (and his boars - his doomchildren are from DF2)

Mungo the Giant Troll

The Dragon

The Evil Tree

The BIG Dragon


The Draugr (Added 8/15/22)

Baron Sterick the Red (Added 8/15/22)

. . . and who else, then? The gnome? The lizardman chieftan is already published. And there are other bosses awaiting discovery.

The issues on doing a boss book are really threefold:

- Art. You can't have boss monsters without boss art.

- Big reveals. My players will end up reading the book. Most of the bosses they haven't permanently disposed of, so I'd be revealing details they don't know.

- Publisher. I can do some of this myself, but not with GURPS stats. So I need to convince SJG to publish a stat-heavy book (which they haven't done a lot of) or convert this to DFRPG and a different world system and see if it falls under Doug's license.

There is a minor issue in that I'd need to rename a few things. Sakatha is a direct copy of a monster from a TSR adventure, even if what I did with him was somewhat different. Durak and Mungo are based on minis, one from TSR and one from Paizo.

Let's see what's doable here. This would be a fun book to do, but at the moment there might be too many issues to easily do it.


  1. If being stat-heavy and revealing too much is a concern, try for a ground beef 70/30 split between How-to-Do-Boss-Monsters and worked examples from already dealt with bosses?


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