Wednesday, August 10, 2022

What Felltower Stuff to Show?

I've posted some house rules from Felltower, our summaries, and whatnot.

SJG has published four books with elements of Felltower in them:

Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 3

DFTT3: Artifacts of Felltower

DF21: Megadungeons

DF22: Gates

Plus an Pyramid article or two featuring elements of the game.

So what else do people really want to see? I don't have control over what SJG will publish, but I do have control over what I write up at least. I figure only a few things are off limits:

- PC writeups. Those are PCs in my games but they aren't my PCs.

- Maps. Too much of a nightmare to turn my hand-drawn maps into publishable format.

What would interest you guys the most? Let me see if I can turn some energy into turning that out.


  1. I'd like traps, curses, tricks, special dungeon features, secret doors, puzzles...Stuff that has to do with the exploration side of the dungeon crawl.

  2. How about some individual encounters or dungeon rooms?

  3. I recently published a fragment of my game, using a BFRPG variant as my system because I am not licensed like Doug . I set it up as a short raid and rescue into my megadungeon. I would live to see some more of your critter write ups.

  4. I don't know if it'd stretch to a book but I'd like to see the big bads fully statted up. The Giant brothers, the Baron Sterick, the Lord of Spite, Sakatha, etc, etc. A book of Boss monsters sort of thing.

  5. The house rules always interest me, though you already show those. Your techniques for encounter balance might be interesting, though I'm not sure how much balancing you do... that might be an interesting discussion all by itself though.

  6. I would very much like to see a bestiary of the big bads. The Lord of Spite, Giant Brothers, The Baron, Sakatha, etc,etc. A DFxx(I've forgottten what number it's up to) supplement "Book of Boss Monsters" sort of thing. PS. Tried to publish this earlier and it didn't show up. Can't remember if you vet posts on this blog first and that's why. Feel free to delete it if this repost is redundant.

    1. This with lots of practical advice for making epic encounters capable of challenging a murder of hobos would be great. Across tons of systems the 'How do I deal with my players mobbing a Big Bag and killing him in 3 turns?" question comes up constantly.

      And we have a few build-your-own DFM books as is. This could fit into that category with worked examples from Felltower.

  7. Adding my voice to the call for Boss monster stats!

  8. I commented on the subsequent post, but as this is the master list I will also say it here: Boss monster stats would be cool.

  9. "How to GURPS GM: Interesting Encounters", from how to make interesting monsters that aren't one-shot fodder (or that are, but are also interesting when one-shot) to encounters that PCs can't just overpower instantly to puzzle rooms and such.

    Or even a series of articles. I'm sure others would happily chime in with their own articles, I'm sure Christopher Rice has things to say on this topic.


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