Thursday, August 11, 2022

Felltower - What to Write followup

Here is what I was suggested for Felltower bits people want to see:

- Boss monster stats

- Monster stats

- House rules

- Encounters

- Puzzles, traps, etc.

I think some of them are easily doable. I'll just need to see what I can write up and publish. Monster stats are always tricky, because I re-use monsters all of them time. But some are known enough to the PCs that I can probably reveal them. I've done a room writeup - there is one in Pyramid - so I'll look at more of those.

Thanks for the helpful comments - I'm happy to take more requests. The more votes for something, the more likely I am to consider it important.


  1. Boss monsters is certainly a good choice!

  2. The last one - dungeon features

  3. For publication? Ahhhh....

    The whole dungeon? Of course not. Not only have your crew not explored it all, from what I gather megadungeons don't exactly sell well, though it might Kickstart?

    For my money? (Keeping in mind what I want and what the majority want are usually radically different)
    Your house rules with short descriptions of what worked, what didn't, //and why//. I think that might make a decent Pyramid article, or series in conjunction with other long time DF GMs who are also GURPS authors (which I think is just you and Kromm).


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