Sunday, December 4, 2022

10x Loot & 10x Magic Prices in Felltower - Full Proposal

This is the final proposal for 10x loot and 10x magic prices in Felltower.

My players will be voting on this privately.

Effects on Play & Rules

- Starting Wealth and Trading Points for Money are unchanged.

- Findable loot will be approximately 10x as much as before.

- Jewelry, gem, luxury good, and coin values will not change unless they are permanent or temporary magic items.

- Permanent and temporary magic items, items that convey spells (scrolls), spellstones, potions, etc. cost, and are worth, 10x listed or $200/point of energy.

- Potions sold in town are sold at $1,000 per as their base value (subject to Wealth sale percentages) regardless of the potion.

- Power Item recharging is $50/point.

- Spells cast by NPCs cost $200 per point, or 10x list cost (so $150,000 for Resurrection, or $10,000 for Remove Curse, $1,600 for Analyze Magic).

- Loot Thresholds for XP are 10x higher.

- Upkeep costs are unchanged.


This should make magic items more scarce, since comparable (or nearly so) mundane items are cheaper.

Orichalcum is still restricted for purchase. You can't just order any. That's a Felltower feature.

This should also explain delving better - even a cruddy delve that nets you just enough for full loot XP for a brand-new delver - $2000 each - is far more than you could earn at a real job. You're risking death - probably courting certain death, eventually - but the payoffs can be staggering.

I'll add any future player comments or requested clarifications here.


Will the weight of loot change, per this older post?

No, that's not listed above. We're voting based on the post above and not on any other discussions, ideas, floated rules changes, or other details disucussed elsewhere.

What would the Loot Threshold Tables look like?

Modified Method 2 (aka the rules that made it into DF21)

Up to 249 Points: $1,000 each (1x Average)
250-299 Points: $2,000 each (1x Comfortable)
300-349 Points: $4,000 each (2x Comfortable)
350-399 Points: $10,000 each (2x Wealthy)
400-449 Points: $40,000 (2x Very Wealthy)
450+ Points: $200,000 each (2x Filthy Rich)
Every additional 50 points: x10

Yes, that's a lot. A 500 point guy needs $2,000,000 to get 4 xp! No wonder they stay home and send weaker delvers to fight orcs and slimes!

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