Monday, December 5, 2022

Fixed Feint modification?

I was thinking about my "Fixed Feint" option for Felltower.

I know at least one player likes the idea of a fixed feint outcome, but also likes the idea of being able to get a -8, not -4, to defend.

But said player described that as "-8 if you make the feint by 10 or more" . . . but the suggested rule is actually "Winning the Quick Contest by 10+".

My main concern with this is that we still need to do the math. I don't need to eyeball the results, but instead calculate a margin so I can then decide if it is -4 or -8. It means people wanting to check and see if they had just 1 or 2 more points they should have gotten, or the opponent shouldn't have gotten, so they can eke out a -8 instead of a -4.

So here is an idea I had.

If you attempt a Feint and roll a 4 or less, and win the contest, you inflict a -8 penalty on your opponent instead of a -4. If your opponent also rolls 4 or less, you inflict a -4 penalty if despite this you win the contest.

It doesn't matter if you roll a 3 and your target rolls a 4. 3-4 are equally weighted on the roll. That's why I worded it as "a 4 or less." That should forstall any questions about is a 3 better than a 4 and shouldn't it be.

Note this is not a critical success - it's a contest of skills, not a Success Roll, which are not the same things (except for spells, somewhat problematically.)

I don't know if I'll use this, but it's an idea to preserve the possibility of a -8 without needing to worry about most contest results. And you'll know if you rolled a 3 or 4, and I'll know if the foe rolled a 3 or 4, instantly.

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