Friday, December 9, 2022

Friday 12/9/2022 Thoughts & Notes

- I have seven steady players in Felltower, three more semi-steady players, and four votes on my proposed rules changes. We'll see if I can get even two more votes.

- James Mal bags on the tedium of figuring out artifacts in Gamma World. It's not the most fun thing we ever did in our 20th Homeland campaign, either. Also look for the drive-by Rolemaster slam!

- He also talks about wandering monsters as a spur to player activity. I find them a drain on real-world time, although I still use them. They don't chivvy play along, just in-game time spending is done with more care.

- This is interesting - a challenge to build a 12-level megadungeon daily across 2023.


I'm not doing that, because I have a megadungeon already with more than 365 rooms.

I'm likely to be AFK for the weekend as I have a professional cert to do. But if I have time I'll drop a quick post in on Sunday if there is anything Felltower related to note!


  1. Huh, I took the Rolemaster comment differently than you. It seemed like he was saying "different strokes for different folks".

    1. It's the description of it as complex that makes me see it as shade. Rolemaster is bloody, nasty, and has lots of fun charts to reference . . . but combat is pretty simple. Allocate your OB into OB and DB, attack your opponent, roll+your OB-foes DB, nasty stuff happens, roll for criticals. It sounds slow, but it's not. Had he said GURPS, I would have just nodded along because GURPS combat at its most granular is complex. Rolemaster . . . not so much, not played as written.


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