Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Felltower Update - New Area and Game Date hints

We've had some movement on Felltower.

First off, I'm not sure when next game is. It might be Sunday, or the Sunday after. I have a scheduling conflict on Sunday, which I'll ignore if I have to.*

Second, I've figured out our next gaming area.

It's going to be a Felltower-connected area I've been sitting on for a while. It's come up in rumors a couple times but not ones the players have really been able to decipher and exploit. It is based on a published adventure that I quite liked. I'm not quite settled on all of the details of how I'll use it, but there is no point in saving it any longer. It's a wee bit tough for new characters, but we'll have a mix of brand-new guys, almost-new guys, and at least one vet (Desmond!) to help get things along. I think it'll be a good one if everyone is a little more bold than cautious. I'll spice it up with some additional work to make it more appropriate for new delvers and let it go from there.

We'll see. But it won't pull them away from Felltower for too long, since it's really in and of the same as Felltower in the end.

Or so I hope.

Thirdly, we've had a few interesting questions about some of the rules changes I've proposed. I'll go over them tomorrow.

* I'd quite forgotten I'd signed up for a professional development online certification (actually, re-certification) this coming weekend. I had mentally penciled it in for a different weekend. Either way, it's vitual and I can do it asynchonously, but it's also about 16-18 hours long and I'm much more likely to gainfully learn from it if I do it live and catch up on missed sections than do it bit by bit later. But if we can only game this coming Sunday, I'll do it.

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