Sunday, November 12, 2023

Felltower Game pre-summary

Today we delved!

We had a shorter session, because of a hard stop because of a family event for a chunk of our players.

- the PCs fought the gnolls, scaring half off with Panic and killing the rest

- they walled off the approaches, looted, and ran

- they searched a section of level 2 long left alone

- they bashed open many doors, and smashed a few chests along the way

- they found some loot

- they decided to "check the Orc Hole" as time was running out

- not wanting to get distracted, they insisted on sticking with the main goal of going to the orc hole and not getting distracted

- which didn't preclude a side trip down some stairs to reap a +1 for going to a level for the first time

- and blundered into a big fight with a pack of werewolves.

We had to cut it off there, in combat, since we had a hard stop.

Bwahahahahahaha. A session's worth of XP potentially lost to get a +1. I should have known the +1 bonus points would have meant the first delve would be, "get loot and as touch as many levels as possible."

Ah, fun times.

Because of upcoming scheduling crunch situations, we'll try to get a short off-Sunday game to resolve the fight and end the delve. But still, so amusing.

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