Monday, November 20, 2023

Uniform Range and Acc for Missile spells?

Would it harm anything to make all of the missile spells range 40/80, Acc 2? Even Curse-Missile?

I'm thinking no. It slightly nerfs a few (Lightning, with its 50/100 Acc 3, for one) but smoothes it all out in terms of rules since we'll never need to look anything up. Acc 2, 40/80, effects as listed.

You could potentially sweeten up one of the weaker missile spells - like ice dagger - with more Acc. I'm inclined to sweeten that one up with a (2) armor divisor, but whatever, you can note that in the spell description instead of needing a table.

Unless my players have a reasonable objection, I will make this change to the basic Acc and Range of Missile spells for DF Felltower.

1 comment:

  1. I like this (Acc 3 v 2 not a big deal for lightning) and really like Ice Dagger having an Armor Divisor of 2. Much more compelling to use (and I think thematically appropriate for an ice dagger).


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