Saturday, November 4, 2023

I miss playing

I played in a few games in the past decade or so. Mostly, I GM'ed. But I played in a few games.

That I recall, I played in:

- Monteporte

- Vic's Felltower Adjacent DF game

- Tenkar's B-Team

- Gamma Terra

- Doug's Alien Menace

- GURPS Midgard

- Vlaclavs' GURPS Martial Arts: Gladiators

I don't think I missed any. I really don't get to play in a lot of games.

I enjoyed getting to play in them all to some extent or another.

This post is occasioned by the fact that I was thinking about what we left unfinished in Gamma Terra. I really enjoyed that game. Hillbilly is just a ST 17 exaggerated version of me, in so, so many ways. That made him a lot of fun to run . . . and often left me with regrets because Hillbilly did things that I would do, which aren't always the best things to do.

I'd like to play that game again, but I'm not sure andi jones is up for it at this point. He may have moved on. It's too bad.

We might get to play Vic's game again, because surely there will be days we can play but I'm not up to running game. Handsome is ready to lead whatever B-Teamers show up for those sessions.

The actual B-Team is likely over . . . but I had so much fun playing with Tenkar GMing, and usually Doug, Joe the Lawyer, and Tim "I roll 1s" Shorts playing alongside me. Such a fun, fun time. The dungeon was so goofy but Tenkar added a lot of charm to it, and the S&W rules made for simple fun.

The other games . . . I don't miss them so much. They were fun but didn't last long enough to really get a bite into. I liked my PC for Doug's Alien Menace game, because who wouldn't like to play Animal Mother? But like some other games, we didn't play that much. It's okay, I'm sure I'll get to play a game GM'ed by Doug using lots of guns.

I really would like to play more but I dedicate so many nights to non-gaming things that I can't fit too much in. But I'd enjoy getting to take Hillbilly or Mirado out for a ride again.


  1. Mission X is coming, and I'm positive that at some point I'll either inflict it on your group or ask one of the others to GM it. Maybe both, because the type of GMing and the type of feedback I'll get as both the originator of the rules and the GM is different than what will happen if someone else GMs and I'm there to take notes and only answer questions when things come up.

    It's going to be Powered by GURPS, but within that realm, I'm doing some pretty interesting stuff (so sez me) to speed time to table and at-the-table play.

    1. If it runs anything like Gamma Terra - which was run based on GURPS Action - it will be fun to play.

  2. Obviously I hope so. I'm drawing inspiration from the DFRPG (because it's a complete outline of a game), Action (the gift that keeps on giving), and Monster Hunters (really good investigation protocols in many places).

    But I'm also taking a hard look at a lot of things and consolidating. There's just one attack maneuver, but with a limited number of options that (more or less) mimic anything you can do currently.

    I'll be looking at Theater of the Mind explicitly once the tactical stuff is done (easier to abstract from detail than to make detail from abstract at least for me).

    I'm also looking at scaling, wounding, and damage. I have a lot of Pyramid articles, and some of them have seen good at-the-table play.

    It should be possible for folks to say "well, yeah, I'm doing this instead" and still have it work, but I'm not writing it that way because that way lies insanity. If I have the opportunity to make a coherent, stand-alone game that gets people on the GURPS train, I'm going to run that ball all the way to the endzone. We'll see if anyone's cheering for me by the end.


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