Friday, November 3, 2023

Random Links for 11/3/2023

It's Friday, what links have I been waiting to link to all week?

- Non-exploding cannon. Surely such wonders cannot exist!

my final battle of the day was against Colin who brought along an Italian army which had some interesting technological advantages compared to armies from a slightly earlier period like my Burgundians - like a non-exploding cannon! Unfortunately I did not have such technology and my cannon exploded in the first turn!

Never Mind the Billhooks

- Sometimes, you expect the PCs to talk, and they fireball instead.

Just kidding. An NPC lied to the PCs, so the smallest reaction you can usually expect is total, violent, unrelenting revenge. I once had an NPC kill off some friends of the PCs. I don't think the players remembered. One other NPC made fun of them. They desperately wanted him dead.

Stonehell: Auntie Ethel's Hut

- So an OSR-like, 5e-like, rules-light minis-heavy RPG from Reaper? Okay. I can't get excited anymore over new dungeon bashing RPGs. I own more than I'll ever play and that's a fraction of what is out there. But if it's for you, $49 will get you the PDFs.

Reaper Minatures Dungeon Dwellers

- Vetting the rules behind a comic joke. +4 to backstab

Sound Tactics & a graps of the rules carry the day

- What's up at Gaming Ballistic.


  1. The glut of OSR-like dungeon RPGs has all but put me off the genre.

    1. I won't stop playing the thing, but I'm sure going to stop looking at new ways to do the thing.


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