Thursday, November 16, 2023

What ends a Curse?

The spell Curse has an endng clause:

"lasting until some notable success is rolled . . . but any critical success suffices."

I'm thinking of possibly lowering the bar a bit, potentially making it less lasting but more combat-effective.

What if the Curse ends on:

- any critical success

- any successful hit by the cursed fighter that could cause damage if the defense fails

It's a bit of an expansion, but it would mean the spell at the -1 level is very combat effective - you've essentially neutralized the next attack by the victim. I'm not sure about this - it might a little weak, especially for a more powerful Curse. But it also might make the spell more useful . . . something I'm thinking about as we see a lot of these in play these days.


  1. That seems like too much of a broadening. A single hit for damage is not a notable success. Maybe: deliver the felling blow on an opponent who has damaged you? That is a bunch of information to track, and would lead to players avoiding the kill-steal strategically. Maybe just the defeat of any opponent who dealt damage to you, by any means would be a better fit.

    1. I agree it feels a bit too broad, but "only nerfs a crit hit" also feels kinda weak as an offensive spell.

      But when I cast it on PCs I'd probably hate for them to have an easy out they can manufacture outside of combat.

      It was just a stray idea but I feel like you are right in one - it's too broad done that way.


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