Sunday, November 5, 2023

Felltower Maintenance

We're still stuck mid-fight in Felltower, but that doesn't mean I can't get ready for the following session.

- I updated the rumor table, based on the current delve and some rumors/events I had planned for ahead of time.

- I updated the VTT and its modules; I didn't get to test it to see if it's still crapping out but at least there is a chance it is better.

- I looked at a few "restock" areas and made sure they're ready to go.

- I dug deeper into the dungeon and fleshed out a couple of areas that were very sparse notes. While "Tough Worthy, $10000 + trap" is enough for me to start with it's a bit light for actual play. Heh.

- I realized I need to re-copy my maps at some point . . . I have to get out to Staples or something and re-photocopy the bigger maps; some of them are 11 x 17, which makes it tricky for home printers or scanners to do much with.

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